Best Diabetes Food Tracker Apps 2024


Managing your diabetes takes work! It can be a challenge to consistently keep up with meal planning, carb counting, medications, and blood sugars day after day, meal after meal. Thankfully, there are new apps and technologies available to help diabetes management become a faster and more seamless process. A diabetes food tracker app is a helpful tool to help you plan meals and meet your blood sugar targets. There are many food tracker apps for diabetes on the market and this comprehensive guide will help you find the best app for you!


What to look for in a diabetes food tracking app

There are various features that apps provide that can help you manage diabetes. One useful tool is food tracking to help you plan your meals and count carbohydrates. Using a diabetic food tracker app can help reduce the amount of time you spend ensuring a meal fits into your overall meal plan and goals. The best food tracker apps have a large catalog of foods to choose from so you can accurately track nutrients, (e.g. carbohydrates). Some food tracking apps for diabetics integrate additional information like blood sugar values from your glucose meter or CGM, insulin usage, and exercise from other devices and apps. A powerful combination to look for is pairing of your blood sugar values with each meal to understand how a meal affects your blood sugar Time-in-Range. Another feature to look for is if data can be shared with your healthcare provider to improve conversations about your diabetes management. Let's take a look at 5 of the best diabetes food tracker apps of 2024!



SNAQ is a simple and intuitive food tracker app for diabetes built to easily determine the nutritional value of your meal, discover how your meal affects your glucose levels, and help improve your Time-in-Range after meals. Simply snap a pic of your meal, and SNAQ’s Advanced Food Recognition AI will help you count carbs and log your meal. Gain insight into how your meal affects your blood sugar level by visualizing your post-meal glucose curve and Time-in-Range. SNAQ gives you the power to plan your meals and anticipate your glucose curves with the ultimate goal of improving your glucose control. SNAQ integrates with all major CGMs/BGMs and with several other diabetes apps making it one of the best integrated diabetes food tracking apps you can find. SNAQ also offers healthcare providers an all access provider platform so they have a connected view of your meal, glucose, insulin, and activity data.


  • Integrates with CGM and glucose meter data (Dexcom, Freestyle Libre, Eversense, ACCU-CHEK, Contour, One Drop, OneTouch, Apple Health / Google Fit)
  • Import or record insulin and activity data
  • Simply log meals with Food Recognition AI to quickly count carbs
  • Discover Time-in-Range patterns after meals
  • Digitally share data with healthcare providers


  • Free version allows to add 5 meals per week & no full access to history & reports 

Price: Free version, Premium version ($4-8/month)

Platforms: Apple & Android

Glucose Buddy

Glucose Buddy is a comprehensive platform designed to keep all of your diabetes health data in one place. The app offers glucose tracking and a food journaling feature that allows users to log their meals, track carbohydrate intake, and monitor nutritional values. Glucose Buddy utilizes Meal IQ for AI-assisted food recognition to support meal tracking and carb counting. Paid plans include diabetes coaching, performance reports, and paired Glucose Buddy glucose monitor with testing supplies and test strips. Healthcare providers within the diabetes coaching program share your data to help guide you toward your goals.


  • Integrates with CGM and glucose meter data (Dexcom, Contour, Glucose Buddy meter, Apple Health)
  • Import or record insulin, activity, A1C, blood pressure, and ketone data
  • Offers Meal IQ AI-assisted food recognition to help count carbs and log meals
  • Discover blood glucose patterns after meals
  • Digitally share data with healthcare providers in paid plans
  • Calculates estimated A1C
  • Paid plan includes diabetes coaching


  • Does not integrate with all CGMs and glucose monitors
  • Free version has limited food nutritional value information and reports
  • Most expensive diabetes food tracking app

Price: Free version, Premium versions $19.99-$59.99/month

Platforms: Apple & Android


MyNetDiary is an app that offers nutrition assistance for weight loss and diet recommendations. The app's prominent feature is a large food catalog and in-depth nutrient analysis. It offers integration of blood sugar data and logging of insulin or other medications, allowing you to view all of your information in one place. App users can also participate in a robust community to help with support and continued motivation in their nutrition journey. The premium version also has recipes and menus developed by Registered Dietitians.


  • Integrates blood sugar data (Apple Health)
  • Import or record insulin and activity data
  • Log meals with an extensively verified food catalog
  • Digitally share meal data with healthcare providers


  • No analysis of blood sugar Time-in-Range after meals
  • Glucose data can not be shared with healthcare providers
  • Not specifically geared towards diabetes blood sugar management

Price: $8.99/month or $59.99/year

Platforms: Apple & Android


MySugr stands out as an app built for those who want to ditch the manual logbook for an all-in-one logbook at your fingertips. The app allows you to track many data points including blood sugar, carbs, insulin, activity, and more. MySugr offers a clear summary of your blood glucose data and trends over various time points via mySugar Analytics. The paid version also offers in-depth reports providing insight you can share with your health care team.


  • Integrates blood sugar data (ACCU-CHEK, Ascensia, ReliOn, Apple Health)
  • Import or record insulin, activity, A1C, blood pressure, and ketone data
  • Input carb data and pictures of meals (paid version only)
  • Download reports to share with healthcare providers
  • Calculates estimated A1C


  • No available food catalog or carb counting feature
  • No analysis of blood sugar Time-in-Range after meals
  • Free version does not offer reports 

Price: $2.99/month or $27.99/year

Platforms: Apple & Android

Carbs & Cals

Carbs & Cals makes carb counting easy by pairing a food database with visual representations of your plate to estimate portion size. The paid version allows you to personalize your targets and generate shareable food log reports.


  • Simple food journaling and carb counting
  • Visually select portion size to improve carb counting accuracy
  • Option to select previously eaten foods, meals, and recipes
  • Paid version allows you to download shareable food log reports


  • No integration of blood sugar, insulin, or activity data
  • No analysis of blood sugar Time-in-Range after meals
  • Free version has a limited selection of food options and serving sizes

Price: Free, $7.99/month, and $40.99/year

Platforms: Apple & Android

Best diabetes food tracker app comparison

Comparison Best Diabetes Food Tracker Apps 2024

Editor's Pick: When you compare the combination of features and price, SNAQ is the winner hands down as the Best Food Tracking App for Diabetics in 2024. SNAQ's broad connectivity to blood sugar data, simple design, and insightful time-in-range data after meals make it the best app to use if you are looking to improve your blood sugar values after meals.

Give a diabetes food tracker app a try! Whether it's simplified carb counting or visualizing how meals affect your blood sugar, there is much to gain from these powerful tools.

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