No more guesswork around meals

Count carbs by snapping a picture and get insights on your glucose levels after meals.

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SNAQ is a game changer - Love it!


Snap a picture and get the nutritional values of your meal.


See how your meal affects your glucose levels.


Discover patterns from past meals to improve your Time-in-Range.


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Android currently only supports Dexcom, FreeStyle Libre and Contour. Inpen is only available in the US.



Improvement in postprandial Time-In-Range

Haldimann D. et al. Increased Time-in-Range After Meals When Using the SNAQ App. Poster Session at Diabetes Technology Meeting. Nov 2021.

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Mean absolute Carbohydrate estimation error

Herzig D, Nakas CT, Stalder J, Kosinski C, Laesser C, Dehais J, Jaeggi R, Leichtle AB, Dahlweid F, Stettler C, Bally L Volumetric Food Quantification Using Computer Vision on a Depth-Sensing Smartphone

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Adherence three months after app start

Latest internal data analysis Q4 2023. Adherence defined as people adding meals.

Supported by Leading Experts

Anton Kittelberger
Co-Founder, former CEO of mySugr

"It's about time we take the guesswork out of carb counting and understand better what food does to our bodies. I am thrilled to support SNAQ on that mission."

Prof. Dr. med. et phil. Lia Bally
Head of Nutritional Medicine, Metabolism & Obesity

"Automated quantitative and qualitative food analysis is an important component of personalised metabolic health interventions."

Prof. Dr. José García-Tirado
Head of Technology-Enabled Precision Medicine for Metabolic Disorders (PrecisionLab)

“New technologies like SNAQ have the potential to remove the burden of carbohydrate and macronutrient counting for people with Diabetes and those pursuing a healthier lifestyle.”

Dr. David Kerr
Director of Research and Innovation at Sansum Diabetes Research Institute

"It's about time we take the guesswork out of carb counting and understand better what food does to our bodies. I am thrilled to support SNAQ on that mission."

John Sjolund
Co-Founder Luna Diabetes, founder Timesulin

"SNAQ helps to make one of the most challenging decisions in diabetes simpler and more accurate. Better diabetes decisions lead to better outcomes, and SNAQ is helping people live and feel better."

Reveal The Impact Of Food On Health

SNAQ supports people living with diabetes to take the guesswork out of meals. The award-winning app helps to count the carbs, protein, and fat content of meals by snapping a photo and supports learning what keeps glucose levels in target range after meals. SNAQ connects to popular glucose sensors and diabetes apps from Dexcom, Abbott, Medtronic, mySugr, Sugarmate, Tidepool and more.

SNAQ's journey started after the partner of one of the founders got diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes, thereby experiencing the everyday worries and uncertainties around meals. The launch in the US is the first step in SNAQ’s broader vision to reveal and manage the impact of food on health.

Aurelian Briner

Aurelian strategically drives SNAQ forward, always with the vision of SNAQ in mind.

Nico Previtali

Nico makes sure that the complex technical processes in the background run smoothly.

António Valente
Software Engineer

António is constantly working to make the app as user-friendly as possible.

Mario Falletti
Software Engineer

Mario is designing and maintaining the robust server-side infrastructure that powers SNAQ behind the scenes.

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