The Best Carb Counting Apps for People with Diabetes 2022


Whether you have Type 1, Type 2 or gestational diabetes, chances are you’re counting your carbs to control your blood sugar levels. Forget the paper logbook. Apps are here to make carb counting easier - and a few pounds lighter, too. The best carb counter apps for people with diabetes have a host of extra features, like glucose monitoring, Time-in-Range tracking, and insulin dosing recommendations. Today, we’ve rounded up 5 of the best carb counting apps for people with diabetes.

Need the fast facts? Here’s our top 5 carb calculators for diabetics, in order:

  1. SNAQ: The all-round best
  2. Glucose Buddy: In-depth glucose reporting
  3. mySugr: The binder in your pocket
  4. Diabetes:M: The smart Bolus Advisor
  5. Carbs and Cals: Good for on-the-go portion control

SNAQ: For Embracing Time-in-Range

SNAQ in App screens

Our Take: With SNAQ, just snap to track all the nutritional info you need. It’s that easy - with one photo, SNAQ’s Advanced Food Recognition AI identifies your meal and with just a few clicks gives you the nutritional breakdown in carbs, fats, and protein. You can also sync SNAQ with your glucose sensor, so you can see your glucose curve with each meal. SNAQ’s the only app here that supports Dexcom, FreeStyle Libre, and Medtronic CGMs, making it incredibly versatile. Explore past meals in your food diary, and repeat meals with a high Time-in-Range. SNAQ’s superpower? Snap your meal like usual, then anticipate your glucose curve - SNAQ will show your glucose response to past, similar meals.

Available On: App Store & Google Play
Price: Free Version, $4.99/month for Premium1

Glucose Buddy: For Glucose Syncing

Glucose Buddy in App screens

Our Take: Glucose Buddy helps keep your glucose in check. Either enter your blood glucose readings, or sync your app with your glucose meter. Enter your carb consumption, insulin dosages and activities - or sync them all from Apple Health. What does Glucose Buddy do with all of this data? It provides insights with meal IQ scores, which indicate how your meal impacted your glucose levels. You can also download reports over custom time periods to track your glucose trends over time. Glucose Buddy is certainly a powerful tool, but this does come at a cost: at $14.99 per month for Premium, it’s one of the most expensive diabetes carb counting apps out there.

Available On: App Store & Google Play
Price: Free Version, $14.99/month for Premium

mySugr: For A1C Tracking

mySugr in App screens

Our Take: One of the best apps for counting carbs, mySugr is also a great diabetes logbook for people looking for ultimate control. If you’re the kind of person who has several binders full of past years’ diabetes data, you’ll like mySugr’s customizable functionality. Remove and add fields to suit your needs, and get glucose values synced straight from your Accu-Chek meter. The app’s standout feature? The mySugr Bolus Calculator, which makes it easy to work out the dose of insulin or carbs you need to get back in range. mySugr also tracks your HbA1c, so you can see if your diet is providing optimal long term blood glucose levels.

Available On: App Store & Google Play
Price: Free Version, $2.99/month for Pro

Diabetes:M: For Intelligent Meal Advice

Diabetes:M in App screens

Our Take: With a simple but customizable logbook, enter all your meals from the database, or add your own. For simple tracking, log your glucose, insulin and carbs. For more detailed insights, record values like weight, ketones and physical activity. You can also record the places on your body you have injected insulin or tested your blood sugar. Diabetes:M, like mySugr, has a Bolus Advisor. But Diabetes:M does one better. Instead of just telling you the dosage of insulin or carbs required to get back in range, you can also input your meal, and the Bolus Advisor will recommend additional carbohydrates or to delay the meal when necessary.

Available On: App Store & Google Play
Price: Free Version, $4.99/month for Premium

Carbs and Cals: For Busy Eaters

Carbs and Cals in App screens

Our Take: Carbs and Cals makes portion control on the go easier. Find your food from thousands of items in the database, then select how big your portion size is. Here’s where Carbs and Cals is different - instead of asking you to input your portion in volume or weight, it presents up to 6 different portion size images for you to choose from. Select the portion that’s closest to yours, then get the nutritional breakdown in carbs, fats and protein. If your favorite meal isn’t on the app, create your own custom database by taking photos of your own food portions and adding nutritional values.

Available On: App Store & Google Play
Price: Free Version, $9.66/month for Unlimited

The Best Diabetic Carb Counter Apps

There’s your round-up of the best carb counter apps for people with diabetes. It’s worth trying our top picks out - research shows that smartphone apps can improve how people with diabetes manage their glucose. That’s why we built SNAQ: because we knew how advanced tech, like machine learning, could unlock a whole new level of ease for people with diabetes.

  1. Price plans include 3 month or yearly. ↩︎

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